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SoftScientific Biomedical Signal Processing Technologies

  ECG Today SoftScientific Biomedical technology portfolio includes (follow the link in the table bellow to get more information or download white paper in Adobe PDF format):
Short Full name Brief description Demos


Harmonic Noise Filter     Especially useful for canceling 50/60Hz power line interference and its harmonics, this technology is also very effective at removing other types of harmonic noises (e.g. from a GSM cellular phone). Contrary to a "notch" filter, HNF technology does not filter out information part of the signal while removing not only the main interference frequency but all its harmonics as well. HNF technology "predicts" the interference value similar to adaptive filtering however it does not require "reference". File-to-file demo application is available  


Base Line Wander Filter     Base line (or DC) value of electrophysiological signals may vary in time due to multiple reasons. BLWF technology removes such wander without any change in the informational part of the signal. The technology is very computationally effective requiring only a small fraction of operations comparing to equivalent direct FIR filtering approach. File-to-file and graphical demos are available  

ECG Filtering demo package You may now download ECG Filtering demo package.
The package contains a simple graphical demo application and a set of example ECG signals.