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Base Line Wander Filtering of ECG Signals (BLWF)

SoftScientific base line ECG filtering removes very low frequency components from ECG recordings. Signal components with frequencies below 0.5Hz are filtered out while frequencies above are completely preserved in both amplitude and phase. These features are very important for complete preservation of the waveform of electrophysiological signals for their correct interpretation.

Technical information:

Application example

Baseline wander filtering

Figure 1. SoftScientific baseline wander filtering.

Blue: original    Magenta: estimated base line    Red: filtered

Figure 1 shows an example of body-surface ECG signal. A strong base line wander caused by respiratory chest movement was removed without any distortion of the ECG signals.

New! You may now download ECG Filtering demo package.
The package contains a simple graphical demo application and a set of example ECG signals.